Landscapes Painted Around the World

  "Nature alone can lead to the understanding of art, just as art brings us back to nature with greater awareness. It is the source of all beauty, since it is the source of all life" -Eugene Carriere

"According to quantum mechanics there is no such thing as objectivity. We cannot eliminate ourselves from the picture. We are a part of nature, and when we study nature there is no way around the fact that nature is studying itself." -Gary Zukav The Dancing Wu Li Masters

"What a painting I should make of it if there were not this blasted wind! That is the maddening thing here, no matter where you set up your easel. And that is largely why the painted studies are not so finished as the drawings: the canvas was shaking all the time." Vincent Van Gogh

"We carry within us, the wonders we seek without us." -Sir Thomas Browne

"Putting form against form, color against color, line against line, movement against movement, texture against texture and showing their interaction, showing through them the force which binds them, is the way of good painting and drawing. It's a question of the life within."

-Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

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